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Ukraine uses 3D technology to preserve destroyed cultural sites

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On June 13, 2022, foreign media reported that The war in Ukraine has destroyed cities from Mariupol to Kharkiv. and caused many buildings to be in ruins. Ukrainians started a project called Backup Ukraine this past April. to preserve cultural sites lost during the war

Using the technology from the Polycam application, Backup Ukraine allows Ukrainian citizens to upload detailed photographs of monuments, artworks and buildings for collection in a digital library.

The archive of such images. It collects everything from historical buildings to children's models and Lego sets left behind in the ruins.

“We want to fight the willful destruction of Ukraine's heritage. which is an act of terrorism It's national intimidation,” Tao Thomsen, co-founder of Backup Ukraine, told CNN.

Thomsen also said that The initiative has 150 volunteers helping to save 10 cultural images a day, and there are now thousands of works on the project.

“We recommend not taking pictures in conflict areas. But volunteers still go out and take dozens of photos a day. It proves that national pride is a really strong driver,” Thomsen told CNN.

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